From starting the brand it was our goal to work with the best factories to offer our customers the best product available. At the same time it is very important to us that the factories fullfil our ethical standards. For that reason we teamed up with Walton HK Group who are partners from the very beginning. Walton HK Group gives us the chance to be constantly connected to their production office in Hangzhou. So that our designers and product developers can make sure that everything is doing fine on a daily basis. Additionally to that our designers take the effort to fly over to Hangzhou 3-4 times a year to doublecheck the production.The goal is to catch up with our factory managers and patternmakers in person to make sure that every Detail is communicated correctly. Everytime we head over to China we are super impressed by the workmanship and how much effort the sewists put into every single Detail. Those details are the challenging variations the sewists appreciate about our patterns. With all of that effort in combination with our high ethical manufactoring we are sure that we offer you the best product possible.


The Shirt Factory.

The Jersey Factory.

The Jacket Factory.

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