We design essential pieces for your everyday life. From T-shirts to sweaters, best quality materials and updated basics to elevate your wardobe.

The Structured Pullover

The peached T-Shirt

The Honeycomb Crew Neck

Cotton Silk

After our winter edition of the cotton merino blend, we now introduce our spring version: cotton and silk.

It is a beautiful mix of yarns. The easiness of cotton combined with the brilliance of silk. It is the perfect mix for the upcoming lighter days. 




NOWADAYS, a sustainable brand

Long time before sustainability became a trend a few things already made sense anyway. We developed the brand to transfer all-time classics into the NOWADAYS world. We never followed the latest trend or the goal to set a new trend every day or every week. We think style goes beyond the season and any trend. There are wonderful styles in the world of fashion that make you look effortless cool. We found our approach to add this with the NOWADAYS stylistic. We are talking about timeless pieces with a little twist to make them special. Number one fact to be sustainable is to wear your cloths beyond the season. To do so, the styles need to be designed to make you happy for long term.